Rupee Tales - Availability


Hello Zerodha,

Where can I find rupee tales book I mean can I buy this book from a brick and mortar store ?? Or should I order it online ??



You can order online here


Wow, I didn’t even expect that something simple and kid friendly even exists in India. How they describe it all - all very simple. And also price is somewhat cheap at least for money wise person, wish I had something like that in my childhood really;)

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Indian currency has really faced a lot of pressure in a past half decade under the leadership of PM Modi. The job creation was not satisfactory which affected the currency. Indians are moving to other countries where the rate of currecy is higher. There are bigger issues as compared to past.


I think you misunderstood the thread. It’s about “Rupee Tales” Set of Books by Karthik Rangappa.
It’s not about Currencies or Forex Pricing.

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ha ha ha . Don’t you realize that @Ulimor is a robot? Got a hit with the word Rupee and here comes the blah blah blah …

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