Safe bet in a correction - Bharat electronics

On daily chart MACD Signal is about to cross above MACD Line which indicates some correction or side ways movement at least. If at all,one could get it at price in between the channel due to any fall in nifty, it will be a very safe bet for mid to long term. Yesterday also it reached almost the upper band of channel and bounced back from there. This channel may act as a support.

Condition: There is correction in nifty else no reason for price to come at these levels

You can be assured about the fundamentals too

what’s the name of this platform?

Messaged you the name

I trade through zerodha only. Got this from twitter handle of some analyst

Breached yesterday’s low. Hope to see it on desired levels

Share it with the public, my friend.

Reliance (By no way i’m promoting them as i don’t trade with them and i won’t recommend anybody to use any broker except zerodha)

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Oh, is this their trading platform?

i guess it is…

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