Salaried Trader and Investor with Agri Income and cash gifts

I am Salaried, having Agri Income, receives cash as gift, Trade Intraday EQ and FNO, CDS, MCX also Delivery in stock. Which form should i use? Which document to keep for agri income and gift

ITR4. For agri income keep documents of the land records and all bills paid (fertilizer, to everything else). For cash gift, hmm… there is no document as such.

Sir, Land own by father. Can I show income in my return if I am cultivating it ?
Also how to calculate profitability in trading of stock ?
If we faced loss it is obiviously under 8% profit thus Is audit necessary by CA ? because volume of trading is very less but CA fees in 10k plus. what is the solution to this ?
Please help…Thank you

Yes u can show income in your name if you are cultivating. Check this module: