How SAMCO is able to do aggressive advertisements with Rs. 20 brokerage business model ?

Maybe they are funded - blowing away other people’s money.

@ Hari… I think better to ignore these mushrooms as their only objective seem to b just snatch businesses… Zerodha has proven its credibility so far and is pioneer I suppose in discount broking forcing other brokerages houses like icici, hdfc, angel etc to rethink their brokerages…


Check: The latest active client count released from NSE (May 17)

Zerodha 1,82,379 active clients
SAMCO SECURITIES LIMITED 18,986 active clients

Spending aggressively on advertisements may not be the best route to take, especially for a niche like stock brokerage. They spent upwards of 20 Cr (Venture Capitalist Money) to gain quick market share. But for the number of clients they are adding a month, such expensive campaign seems to be a liability. The consumers, especially people who want to trade ,will definitely do their own homework. Rather they should have utilized their resources for product development and innovation. Gimmicks in this industry will not take you far.


You are partly correct / partly incorrect. Samco advertisements only run on CNBC Awaaz channel & you won’t see them on any other channel.

That answers your query. Samco has tie up with cnbc awaaz. SAMCO also runs traders league competition occasionally but that’s only shown on awaaz channel.