Save chart to disk, not open expired contract

saved chart to disk(.icx files) after contract expires(commodity), files aren’t open, i need it for research work, any know, any other way !!!

Charts of expired contracts cannot be loaded anymore, because the contract is no longer a part of the instrument master file. You could use the continuous futures chart if your study allows it, but the continuous charts only have the expiry month chart data of every contract.

Oh wait, you are talking about commodities. Even continuous futures chart are unavailable for commodities, i’m sorry.

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any other *.icx accepting software !!!?

thanks for the reply

I doubt there’s any. Even if it does accept the .icx file, the charting platform should have the option of showing expired commodity contract charts and I haven’t come across such a software.

yeah, that also not allowed, back to excel, my dear excel i’m coming back babe :rofl::smiley::heart_eyes: