Saving chart cookies on cloud

Hello Team ,
I have been a zerodha user since last 3 years. I trade the markets mostly in cash segment for swings trades. I shortlist my stocks normally in weekends or sometimes every 15 days and save the best ones in watchlist. One thing is very important is the levels at which I will start my buy and the level I will start my sell.
In zerodha, the way we save a chart is a bit old school. Also, as the cookies are saved in local device, it is not synchronised across all platforms…
Requesting you to introduce tech to save the chart cookies in cloud atleast for 20 stocks. Also the same shall get auto saved without any manual intervention.

The same tech is available in various other brokers. And is not so difficult to integrate.
For people like us who are working professionals, doing analysis during market hours for long time is difficult.So just marking the levels helps to decide what to do. The same issue is faced by many of my peers who are using Zerodha. Many have switched to various other platforms like Angelone, Upstox , fyers , dhan etc due to the charting issue only.

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