Saving Charts and views in Kite

I am a new user at Zerodha and am trying to get to understand the platform. I am extremely frustrated with the way the charts are being provided currently. I understand that if the charts are open for about 1 min, they get saved automatically, such that when I access the scrip after logging out and logging in, I would see the work that was done, unchanged.

Well, try as I might, this is still not happening for me. In fact, after the previous suggestion of saving views, I tried that out too. So if I have saved two views of Nifty and I am currently viewing Reliance, if I click on the saved Nifty views, it doesnt take me to the views saved.

I would like to understand how it is supposed to work since I am positive that I am doing something wrong. I am basing my belief on the much acclaimed technical adroitness of Zerodha, over other platforms.

Shall appreciate if you can point me to some discussions threads if this has already been addressed.


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Saved charts don’t retain the scripts…rather they save the settings like indicators and timeframe…so if u apply some settings in nifty chart and save it under a name u can apply the same settings to another chart… clicking on the saved name won’t open the nifty chart rather the settings get applied to whatever script u have opened

I hope this is the problem that you are experiencing…and this helps.

Yes thanks for your response and the clarification.

Is there a limit in the number of “saved views” we can set?

It appears that I am not able to save beyond seven “saved views”.