SBI upper circuit

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As we know that the scrip which has derivatives (f&o) contracts, has ho no fixed price bands / circuits rather they have dynamic price band which released father when price hits it…

Then why SBI today hit the upper circuit and there is a halt around 9:20 ??.. SBI has f&o contacts…


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This happened due to measures introduced by SEBI back in March 2020 (Page 4) -

4. Flexing of dynamic price bands for F&O stocks

  1. Currently, stocks in the F&O segment are subject to dynamic price bands. The bands are relaxed in the event of market trends in either direction. One of the conditions followed by stock exchanges for relaxing the price band is that a minimum of 25 trades should be executed with 5 different UCCs on each side of the trade at or above 9.90% and so on.

  2. In addition to the existing requirements, the dynamic price bands may be flexed only after a cooling-off period of 15 minutes from the time of meeting the existing criteria specified by stock exchanges for flexing.

This measure wasn’t withdrawn when the review for the same happened back in Nov 2020. @MohammedFaisal explained about it in a different thread -