Scalping for 5 paise target in futures

What if I want to trade say DishTV futures for 5 paise profit target using BO with entry at 103.20 and exit at 103.25 with lot size of 7000 shares, is it possible to fetch small profit ?
Can I get seller and buyer accordingly to accumulate my trade withing few seconds ?

5 paise spread should not be difficult. However you need to check for volume AND check for the brokerage.

thanks… :slight_smile: will look forward to do so.

*when I say brokerage, I actually meant taxes. For instance after I buy and sell a lot of banknifty, I pay 20 Rs brokerage but approximately Rs. 200 in brokerage!

It seems to be profitable if you are trading with Zerodha. You end up making about 194 per trade.

You can punch in the values on our brokerage calculator to check the charges applicable - Brokerage calculator – Zerodha