Scalping options

I’m scalping banknifty options and doing it with my phone to execute orders.
Does anyone know any trading terminal with which i can buy on bid and sell at ask with one click of a button ?
Basically with one click of a button i should be able to place my order on limit.

I use Sensibull, takes about 2-3 clicks but makes up for it in its functionality and features, and once you get a hang of it, you start doing it pretty quick. Give it a shot and see if you like it.

Can we do in nest trader as I’m planning to switch to nest trader .

That will depend on which Broker you are using. Zerodha doesn’t have NEST anymore. If its some other broker’s NEST Platform then I haven’t tried them so can’t say. Whatever the case, give them all a test drive. Whatever clicks with trading style stick by that.

The rule of thumb is to not go for something that promises the maximum number of features, but the features that you will actually use have to be perfect for you. As in if you have a Sportscar without wheels, what’s the use? And why would you want to drive a sportcar in a desert? Different tools for different problems.


Thanks for sharing info bro.

check out Quantower

I checked the website.
Do you use it ?