Scalping success/feasability rate with big position size on 2,00,000 account size

what is the succes rate and feasability(considering stt and brokerage) of trading/scalping with

  1. account size 2,00,000

  2. position size of 2500 (using margin and trading stocks with prices of 100-175 rs)

  3. stop loss of 0.35 rs

  4. scalp profits for 0.35 to 1 rs or above

hElLO tRaDeR,

2500 QTY with .35 scalp will eventually end up to be a bad idea.

The STT is not favorable of the retail day traders. STT on 2500 QTY and Brokerage will eat into your capital very fast without you actually realizing it.

If you are a beginner, save your capital during your beginning stage , give it a year before trading the market with 2L in your trading account.

Money is made in options not by daytrading stocks. (Better Risk to reward Ratio for retail Traders) Give it 6 months on equity cash delivery and intraday before starting with options. 6 months of market awareness will get you the sufficient knowledge to start with options trading.

thanks for your reply…whats the difference between the stt on options and equity day trading?
i have been trading for about a year now, but have never got into options. for some reason i still prefer equity day tading… and would like to see how the above strategy works for a while.

Hi, Point 3 on this link