Scouting stocks with a higher wick ratio


I was looking to get the stocks with a higher wick gap i.e. difference between the opening/close level and to the low/high level. Is there a scanner/website that would help in this regard? I’m not even sure what they call it in markets’ terminology, -larger wick in a candle stick? Like the difference between the high and close of a candle = more or sufficiently large in case of a green candle (where close is above open) and difference between the low and open of a candle = more or sufficiently large in case of green candle (where close is above open). And the other way for the red candle.

I have seen some random stocks with this wick pattern showing the same moments across timelines.

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Like this? It’s called a “spinning top” candle.

Maybe this site will help… Daily Spinning Top, Technical Analysis Scanner

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check hammer / inverted hammer / shooting star / hanging man candlestick patterns.

Long tails or wicks.

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Thank a lot @NewUser123 @Chirag1!

This is exactly what i was looking for - mainly the spinning top, along with others. I don’t know how to put this, but I’ve seen few stocks/companies before who have such pattern (like big legs + any body of the candle) across their entire time line. What I mean is like below:

For example, here we see in MUTHOOTFIN more of these spreaded or spinning top candles everywhere. A big difference between high/low with open/close and viceversa.

But if we look at CANBK, the wicks are quite small across the stock from time immemorial.

A noob question from me is, it this naturally fomed? or do we have some “technical” parameter named to identify or filter such stocks? I assume from the filter you shared, it is only for the last candle of the day or any single candle/candles so that we can make a move i.e. a candle stick pattern.

Thank you so much!

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If you view every candle (irrespective of timeframe), as a battle between bulls and bears, then these spinning top candles depict a fight where both the bulls and the bears are NEARLY evenly matched, with one barely winning over the other….

In other words, it represents indecision for the duration of that candle’s timeframe.

I am no candle expert, so others may be able to elaborate further, the significance of these formations.


Thanks @NewUser123

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