Screener ratios info is not updated

In screener, most ratios like PE are based on the last year earning. It doesn’t update with current quarter earnings.

Now I don’t know whether Screener updates these ratios with latest quarter earnings and its not done yet, or it is just defined as per last financial years earning only.

For example: In Screener, PE of JKTyres is mentioned as 9.5 right now, but its actual latest 4 quarter PE is 22.30. This is a huge difference as JKTyres posted a negative earnings this quarter which is not taken into account by screener. So information on Screener is just misleading for stocks who posted abnormal earnings.

And what would happen in Jan-Feb-Mar? Screener will be showing 1 year old info. So it would be very helpful if ratios get updated regularly or at least have separate options like “trailing 4 quarter PE”.

Any screener that populates fundamental data of companies on a large scale has its own flaws.

Use such fundamental screeners only at a macro level analysis, when deciding to invest based on these ideas look into the balance sheet of the company directly.

This is the only fool proof solution.