SDL Issue Dates

I see an upcoming SDL on 09th May 2023 in the calendar but nothing on Coin in the SDL.

As per the calendar today is the Auction date. The bids close one day prior to the auction date. SDL generally opens up for non-competitive bidding on Mondays, or Friday if there’s any holiday in the coming week.

Can we buy these SDL in Zerodha platform…and can we pledge it?

Whenever the exchange opens the non-competitive bidding, you can apply for it on coin. The cutoff time and close date will reflect on coin.


  1. SDL bidding opens and ends on Monday evening
  2. T-Bills bidding opens on Monday and ends on Tuesday.
  3. G-Sec bidding opens on Tuesday and ends on Thursday.

PS. The non-competitive bidding days May vary incase of any non-business day or a trading holiday.

NSCCL provides a list of gsec that can be pledged, they have included a few SDL, not all the SDLs are provided for pledging from the exchange end.