SEBI approves extension of trading hours on stock exchanges


will this affect equity cash market hat about timings



Only nifty index.

Just like s&p 500.


Its good for traders those who work from 9 to 5 pm, they can make their position in market and may earn through it. But for a broker, it is a hard task to work full day.



Carrots fail to bring FPIs to India’s derivatives markets

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LOL, govt should increase more taxes on FPIs. That will show them.


Our market is perfect on its way, just make indian pplz more aware of trading, less than 5% pplz trading in india, just ficus on indians to invest in market, make it grow in india to 80% then think about outside participation


Hmm… probably doubling STT and stamp duty will accomplish that quickly.



Why u want more people to lose hard earned money in this gambling den?