SEBI extended trading time in derivatives till 11:55PM

Hello everyone , please share your ideas about how one can benefit or suffer by recently announced SEBI extended trading time till 11:55PM . How RMS will change , Will there be any chance in increasing brokerage charges .

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How that going to move? That chart of nifty? Really?


  1. people wont have to be much concerned about over night market fluctuations. which benefits people who choose to keep the trade for the next day.
  2. volumes will increase in derivatives due to some commodity traders also trading stocks.
  3. gives a lot of intraday opportunities.
  4. gap ups and gap downs will be less which is safer for traders.
  5. traders can wait for evening news to take positions.
  6. brokerage houses have to employ more people, which may increase brokerage.

there are negatives to but not much affecting disciplined traders.


This is only for the derivatives right? Does it also affect people who trade in the cash market ? The trade timings for cash market will remain the same right?

yes. Cash will be settled as it is. it will mainly help derivatives market.

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