SEBI margin rule.

Why is anmi stepping in now? When we are in 3rd phase. These guys should have done their Homework earlier. Even 5x should be removed let’s see how this brokerage industry will survive. Any thoughts if the margin rule will be revoked back?

As of now it looks like it won’t be revoked back but lets wait wait and see.

Any plans as now there is no leverage we will get risk based margin system for hedged trade like credit spreads

No hopes. The govt has succeeded to benefit the big sharks. It’s a shame we live in such a mess

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It’s not really for big sharks. Big sharks make money irrespective of the regulations.

It’s geared more towards catering to retail traders and there’s enough statistical evidence to prove retail traders make losses. This is just my opinion but I think even if people don’t make profits at least the loss they’ll bear is reduced.

The ones who want to earn will earn no matter what the regulations are. But yes, it’s a little bit annoying that all these rules are made as if they have just considered the bigger companies and investors and not the small ones.