Sec 80G donation - tax exemption under old regime

Made a last-minute donation to Kerala CM relief fund, it did not ask me for my PAN number… transaction has gone through. No email confirmation recd… I have raised a grievance as to how will i be able to claim exemption if they are not asking for my PAN at the time of donation. I thought it will ask for PAN on next page then realised it never did & my card got debited already. I did some more to PMNRF but thankfully they asked for PAN on the next page but it seems they also don’t need to generate Form 10BE… I hope i can still claim the exemption? @Quicko

For those NGOs/ Trusts which are still not generating Form 10BE, such as Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Trust for annadana seva, how do we claim exemption? Is there a workaround for this or should i just try to wing it? (it happened last FY too, i showed it in my ITR3 without Form 10BE & thankfully got the exemption but I am not sure if luck will side by me this year because they are now getting more strict.)

side note: all state CM relief fund websites - (as well as PMNRF) are a horror show… Literally everything is broken & such a pain to transact. Never leave it for the last minute.

AFAIK, we can claim for exemption under 80G even if there is no receipt. Also, even in the case of the receipts we don’t upload them for claiming the exemption.

I think when I donated and did not get any acknowledgement, I went forward and claimed as I had the details of the transaction.

Yes, since you paid from your bank account, you can claim the deduction under 80G.

things have changed significantly, they made Form 10BE mandatory from last year

Did not know about this, it has been more than 1 year, so don’t remember coming across this 10BE.

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here’s the thing, I paid using cc … I prefer to not use netbanking for transactions on other portals… & I prefer cc over dc & having a degree of separation from SB accounts because you can limit the damage in case of a possible fraud etc.

Unless there’s a scrutiny, the tax department would not ask you for any proofs. However, you could maybe write to Kerala CM Relief Fund with your name and amount donated and ask them for a receipt.

Hi @sufimonks

You will be able to claim the deduction under section 80G under the old regime for the donation made to the Kerala CM relief fund.

Also, you can ask for the receipt from them for future reference.

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many thanks

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Thanks. After chasing up relentlessly, I have recd the e-recpt but it does not include my PAN details (because they are not seeking PAN at all while donating). I am hoping it is okay for this yr.

Should be okay as long as it has your name on it.