Security exchange commission

What are tbe rules of security exchange commission for shorting the stocks and trading in futures and options

You’ll have to be a little more specific with your questions.

I mean that in india if we have done short selling than we have to cover our position by 3:15 or in f&o say the contracts are available for 3 months in india like that

SEC is a US regulator. In India you have SEBI.

SEC is regulator in USA, you are probably referring to SEBI.

Shorting in stocks can only be done intraday, you have to cover before EOD.

FnO short position can be carried till expiry

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I don’t think you can do margin trading with US securities as per RBI guidelines.

@holybull my question is that as for short in india we have to cover our position by eod as per sebi rules what are the rules for short in usa as per SEC

I don’t know, according to a hollywood movie i watched you can hold the shorts until expiry.

Now your question makes sense, next time onwards mention all the details first time itself

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@dheeraj i already read this before asking the question but didnt feel that the info is useful

Can you name the movie?

The big short I think. I believe he(lead actor) paid monthly premiums when the bonds he shorted went up.

Yeah but those were credit default swaps - different kind of contracts traded by big institutions over the counter.