Seeking Suggestions for Mutual Funds investment

Could you please suggest five moderate-risk mutual funds from different categories for a 5-7 year Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with a monthly investment target of 7k -9k INR, aiming for a return of 13-16%? Please include the category of each fund, provide a brief explanation or reason behind each suggestion, and also recommend one fund that offers potential tax benefits.

Very comprehensive report u need.


He/She needs a financial advisor.


Passive investing with Index funds may be better. For tax saving I had invested in Mirae Asset ELSS till last FY. But with the more attractive new tax regime you should really check whether the ELSS will give you any tax saving with the old scheme over the new scheme.

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I need only the fund’s name and category.

You can try Zerodha’s Coin - Coin – Zerodha

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Which one should I choose among Bluechip Fund, Large Cap Fund, or Index Fund for the long term, at least for a minimum of 3-5 years? @neha1101 @jpm @Gnome

thank you everyone for your help and support.

I have invested in the following

Nifty50 ETF
Niftynext 50 ETF
Nasdaq 100 ETF.

I can only say what I have done in my portfolio as my strategy might be totally different to yours. All of the above is not for 3 - 5 years time span but for longer period exceeding 10 years or until you need the money. Do note my return expectations are very moderate and hence the above meets my strategy.

I am sure, you do not want any one of us to advise you the fund name. Go through the funds which according to you meet your requirements.

The only reason I have chosen the first two is because they comprise India top 100 companies. ETF or the Index is well monitored, the laggards get removed and new ones are added periodically hence to me it is not really passive. Why ETF and not Index fund is because I do invest in individual stock as well, hence I do monitor my holding on a daily basis and have a demat account. Do not believe in SIP as with an ETF I will buy when I feel there is a dip. Will chose a Mutual Fund only if I am interested in a small cap equity as you need to be hands on as to when to enter and when to exit.

Disc: My personal views only

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I second these personal views.

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You do know that no one on here can give you personalized investment advice. For that you’ll have to get a financial advisor. If you can’t, then you have to do your own research.

my 2 cents.

80% equity MF and 20% debt(mostly govt bonds).

out of the 80% equity MF and depending on your risk tolerance.

40% in Large cap fund.
30% in Mid cap fund.
30% in Small cap fund.

The percentages can be adjusted if you want to take on more risk.

20% Large cap fund.
40% Mid cap fund.
40% small cap fund.

However , if you really want to accelerate your returns for next few years say next 5 years. go for only mid caps and small caps. Then after 5 years you adjust back to large caps.

Go for SBI/HDFC and any other reputed fund houses.

Also make sure to read the Mutual fund document thoroughly and understand the risk they are taking on. Do not blindly invest based on the name of the fund.


When this thread was opened, I reserved reclining chair with jumbo popcorn box in hand :slight_smile:
Was expecting virtual war getting declared among factions, belief, school of thoughts. :grinning:
was pretty much disappointed!

@AsK8 Dont want to disrespect you, but IMHO these are tall asks.
Probably you should tame your expectations.
Otherwise if market goes south after 4-5 years, you may think it was all bad advise in this thread. .

Would strongly suggest to invest some time to understand more about mutual funds and after that you may ask more precise questions. Its your money which is at stake!

One of the excellent resource is here.