Selecting Strike Price

How do I select 75 ce usdinr 2nd Jul expiry?

Of course I do know but Z throws up all the irrelevant suggestions first.

I don’t know if it would be helpful, but maybe try searching for β€œU WE 75”.

I was testing and found this by accident. From what I understand, this is short for USDINR Weekly and then the strike price. Still not the shortest (aka typing 75 CE for showing the strikes) but better than needing to type USDINR and the month/week in full. This also seems to work for other currencies (like G WE 103 (for GBP), E WE 88 (for EUR), J WE 67 (for JPY)).

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haha it only happens for 75ce or pe whereas the strikes above that i have an explanation
type - USDINR 75. ( u keep dot(.) after 75 later u can choose whichever paisa u want it comes flawlessly )

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