Self Filing ITR 3

Does anyone know if it is possible to file ITR 3 by self (off course when no Audit is applicable) without the need of 3rd party or CA ?

you can refer the details


I suppose you have FnO trading P/L because of which you are interested in knowing about ITR3.

So, if you have never filed ITR 3 before, best is to hire a CA for the first time, who will prepare the balance sheet, pnl statement, and fill up the ITR for you.

Then from next year, you can refer the same and file it yourself.

In case, you really don’t want to hire a CA you can search for sample ITR 3 file, balance sheet, pnl statement. Zerodha had previously shared sample ITR 3, balance sheet, and pnl statement which you can have a look at.

You can search this forum for the files. You can have a look at them and if you feel confident that you can learn and do it yourself, then you can just go ahead filing it yourself.