Self help real-time groups for trading

Making this post to trigger some thoughts. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to create small groups of like minded active traders with whom one could engage and discuss kind of real time. This could help especially on tough days say like when Nifty was down ~600 points on Monday. One could seek a different (contrary) perspective which one might be missing etc and translate into actions for themselves- again real time. Like a friend plus counsel. Of course no tips or solicitation or any thing with commercial implications. These groups could operate on google hangouts/WhatsApp or even email distribution lists with all respect to privacy and no affiliation to Zerodha. Lest I am misunderstood, the intention is not to compete with this Zerodha forum or anything else but to get immediate and most importantly real-time perspective given the vagaries of the market- again only for trading not for any thing else.

There are many whatsapp groups already running sir

open your discord and let people join u everyone doing it.