Sell Liquidbees, Buy Mutual Fund

Can I buy mutual fund on the same day I sold liquid bees?

Yes you can. Once you place an order on T day before 1:30 pm, COIN always checks the balance in your trading account by the end of the day and then a debit entry is posted next day in the morning.

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@faisr Can I do the reverse process on the same day?
I mean selling on coin and buying on kite…
Please let me know… thanks

Hi Nikhil,

When you redeeming units on COIN, the amount will be credited to your account as per the settlement time of the fund. The settlement time can vary from T+1 to T+3 days depending upon the type of fund.

Also, if you sold any ETFs or shares through KITE then you can utilize this amount only the next day now. We had changed this process in August.

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