Sell n Buy in CNC on same day? Avg cost unchanged?

Hi friends,
I need some help with this trade.
I had purchased Yes Bank 100 quantity few days ago at 317.5.
Today, I sold 100 @ 317.3 in CNC and Bought back @310.8
Now, the average cost is still Rs. 317.5 in my Holdings page.
Shouldn’t it be 310.8?
Let’s say…I sold 100 from Zerodha demat @317.3 and Bought from another broker in CNC @310.8
In this case, my avg cost becomes 310.8.
I’m really confused here.
Can you please clarify this?

You will get the credit of the profit u made today. Buying price will remain the same which is 317.30. Approx 600 you will get as credit.

But why should the buying price remain same?
I spoke with the Zerodha executive, he told me that the buying price will be updated on T+2 days.
It makes sense as I sold them in delivery and bought in delivery. So the price should be 310.8
Can anyone throw some light on this?

Don’t trust the Kite holding view as it doesn’t show the true picture.

Either the formula or the calculation algo is at fault.

I started with manual tracking in excel sheet.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe true with kite☺ What do you think my buying cost should be in above scenario?

Hello sir. It doesn’t happen like this. When you are buying and selling on the same day, it will be an intraday transaction only even if your order is CNC type. Until and unless delivery is effected from your holdings, the Kite application will not consider your new rates for correcting the buy/sell rates in your holdings. Had you sold it today and bought the same share two days later, then kite will change the rate and hence there is no problem in Kite application.


Yes! I figured it out. Thanks a lot for you reply though.
Happy Investing!

if it is intraday trading. then should i file itr3 instead of itr2?