SELL ON opening market

Hi ,

I want to backtest a stock by selling everyday on opening and take stoploss of 1 % and target is open. Pls help me out in building this algo. I know its very simple but i am not able to do it

@Streak can you.

the minimum timeframe is 1 min i.e you can sell any scrip only by 9.16 am.

you can use Nth candle (close,1 min,1) higher than zero and in position choose it as sell. Something like this should work. keep sl as 1 % and high tp eg- 99 %

Not working. Ideally when i did this on streak. It should sell everyday without any condition. Pls update

@Streak @Wizard_1819

The Close price of any asset is higher than 0. So when you deploy the above condition it will take entry irrespective of any other condition. What issue you are facing?

If that is the case , when i backtested this, number of signals generated for 3 months is very less(12)

Please check if the position type is MIS. And you can also verify the entries from backtest transaction details with the chart data. Result is as per the condition. You can write to [email protected] with issues regarding the condition and backrest results.