Selling a small portion of my SIP

I have been purchasing few amount of ETF on a monthly basis. Last week I decided to sell 10% of my holdings in the ETF. After selling i came to know that i have been charged 79% of my realized profits as “other credits and debits”. Can somebody help me to understand the ideology behind charging me this hefty amount of fee? Also my understanding is that those are the DP charges for all of my etf units which i bought in the form of SIP.


need more info to understand the issue here.

regarding this info

yeah, lets say my realised profit is 100 Rupees. After viewing my PnL statement on zerodha console, the charges under “other credits and debits” were 79 rupees. idk why i got charged so much though. i really dont know the sum behind the 79 rupees still :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I downloaded the Pnl statement as excel now and i came to know that the DP charge is just 15.93 Rupees. Thats not 79% of my realised profit !

okay what else charges are there?

All the charges not shown in contract notes are shown under Other credits & debits . Charges such as call and trade charges, payment gateway charges, DP charges, account opening charges, margin penalty, delayed payment charges, AMC charges etc., are directly posted on the fund’s statement on Console.

excerpt taken from this

yup, i have seen that article too. the only option that suits the issue is AMC charges. I’m wondering whether they charge the AMC charge on my profit :no_mouth: .

Which broker?

Show the statement deleting the amounts and other personal information.

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there are no dp charges when you buy. DP charges is applied only when you sell. Never seen a DP charge on my account for the various buy I have done.

Icici Direct for NRI deduct TDS for every sell transaction, by default they block the max amount and release only the remaining, after a day or so, after they compute the actual tax obligaion for TDS, the remaining amount is released. Maybe this could be the case, they block the amount and then release it later. Not sure, just a view point from someone else experience.

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I use zerodha. I came to know that the demat AMC got levied on my profit.

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Yes, there aint one. I thought they charged all the DP charges on that 10% of my units that i sold. But came to know that the demat AMC was levied on my realised profit.

So AMC charges got included, right.

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yeah. demat amc charge along with the dp charge.

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Have you received any email like this?

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Yeah, it came. But i didnt expect them to debit it from my profit though :sweat_smile:.