Selling and buying a holding stock on the same day

I was holding 41 stocks of bajaj financials on 4th Jun 2020, I bought these stocks a week before that date and It’s average price was 2250.
On 4th morning, I sold these 41 stocks at 2326 and on the same day afternoon I bought back 10 stocks of the same script at 2300INR.

Now on 5th what should be my average stock price?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure whether similar question has asked in the past. Did a search but couldn’t find any. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Average price won’t change, since what you basically did was Intraday trade with those 10 stocks making profit of 260.

Is it means my average for those 10 stocks which I bought back would be 2250 or 2300?

Also, can you help me to calculate the total gain out of these transactions?
Holding stocks price = 41 X 2250 = 92250
Selling of 41 share at 2326 = 95366(3116 Rs profit)
Buying back of 10 stocks at 2230= 23000
When I buyback, will it take my buying average of 2300 or holding average of 2250?

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Since only 31 shares will be deducted from your demat account your profit will be 2356.

While out of 41 you sold at 2326 you bought 10 back at 2300 which will result in 260 Intraday profit. Since transaction of those 10 shares will be counted as Intraday your average price will remain the same.

PS: it’s little bit complex, suggest you to refer to contract note Zerodha would’ve sent you, plus average price will also be reflecting in holdings by now.

You can read this to know more.

But he booked the profit of 3116 by selling his holding shares .why will he get profit on 31 shares only which is 2356?
Please explain on the calculations