Selling and buying back liquidbees on same day

i have a basic question, I have holdings in liquidbees and I mostly only trade on thursdays with the remaing cash.
I wanted to ask that can i just sell the liquidbees thursday morning and then buy back them on the same day after doing my FnO trades?? Is it possible?

I mean my simple question is can we use the funds we get by selling liquidbees IMMEDIATELY for F&O trades?


are you sure sir have you done this before?
And do we continue to recieve dividend units too doing this way?

Yes, you can.

You can use it to trade. However, you can withdraw only on T+2 days.

Why don’t you pledge the units and use the margin to trade F&O? This way you will continue to receive the dividends while you get the collateral margins to trade. The only limitation here is you can’t buy options using the collateral margin(Only Futures and options writing allowed).

As long as you hold the units overnight, you will receive dividends.


actually sir most of times i only trade on thursdays and i want to utilize my whole capital and don’t want this 10% haircut on thursdays.

That’s why i am thinking instead of pledging if i just sell in the morning and buy them back in the afternoon on thursdays, that way i think units won’t be debited from the demat and i will continue to recieve dividend units too.

So it is possible right sir??

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Yes, as long you buy it back the same day, the units will continue to remain in your demat account and you will receive dividends.

  1. What is the procedure (in Zerodha) and limitations of Pledging the shares?
  2. How much margin will one get and how to calculate?
  3. What are the charges involved?


Does selling and buying back LIQUIDBEES same day attract DP charges of Rs 13.5?

At exchange end trade will be considered as intraday, so no DP charges are applicable for the transaction.

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