Selling and buying on the same day

I had bought 1100 shares of a particular stock a week ago at Rs. 52.5/share. I sold all of them today at Rs. 57.5/share. But then I again bought 3500 shares today at Rs. 57.05/shares.

Now, Zerodha platform is still showing 1100 shares in holdings and 2400 shares in positions.

I am new to trading. Kindly explain.

1100 will be debited from your account during EOD settlement and you will see 3500 shares in Holdings tomorrow.

2400 in positions is net quantity of Shares Bought 3500 - Shares Sold 1100 = 2400 for the day.

Thanks for the reply.

But will I get the profit of selling 1100 shares (i.e. (57.5-52.5)×1100?

Or will the 1100 shares be squared off as an intraday trade?