Selling shares on ex dividend date (No ledger posting by zerodha)

Hi guys, I held 800 units of shares for Symbol- EMBASSY-RR on 26th May. Sold 400 units on 27th May (ex dividend date). My bank account has been credited with dividend for 400 units. I wish to view the entry for credit of another 400 units to my trading account for shares sold on ex dividend date which gets credited via broker’s pool account. I am unable to find the entry on Console.
The Navigation from portfolio tab to holdings on console doesn’t display dividends credit history for stocks not currently held.
The Tax P&L Report on Console doesn’t display the dividend history for ongoing quarter. Report is only available for upto 31st March 2020.
The ledger does not show any specific entry related to the credit of dividends.


All the dividends received must be showing up in the EQ Dividends sheet in the regular P&L as well as the tax P&L for the selected period. Can you please raise a ticket from the account in question here? This will allow our team to track, find out the exact issue and solve your query at the earliest.

Also, I’ve attached holding statement in the support portal with the ticket for 27th and 28th May for verification of my trades.

Thanks for the reply Nakul. I’ve already raised a ticket #20200626136292 on Friday. I received a message saying I’ll be credited on Friday EOD but I don’t see the credit on the ledger. Here’s the screenshot I’ve taken from EQ Dividends Sheet this morning 29th, Monday. As you can see, there’s no mention of dividend from the said script.