Sensibull App Beta

Hello folks, happy to announce the launch of the Sensibull App. You can see it here on playstore

The app is in Beta. So we only have three of the features in native

  1. Positions
  2. Easyoptions
  3. Advice

We will soon be adding

  1. Option Chain
  2. Strategy Wizard
  3. Builder
  4. Virtual trading

Please do help us improve this by sending your suggestions and queries to [email protected].


Thank You!

When will it release iOS

Once the build stabilized. iOS quality controls makes it difficult for frequent updates :frowning:

When are you planning to release Prod version?
Its been a Beta version since 9 months.
Its too long to stabilize an app.

I am regretting for subscribing for 6 months for such an app with so many issues.
You guys are intelligent to continue this Beta version app to avoid negative reviews.