Sensibull Expert Advisor


I have subscribed to an expert advice premium plan few days back. I have been noticing that once my advisor published any option trade and when the trade is going wrong then he edits the entry price so people can still see and enter in the trade.

I just want to know is it possible for any expert advisor to modify the entry point after you publish the trade? If yes then P/L statement can be manipulated too…

@Sensibull Kindly reply on this. If anyone experienced the same issue then please reply on this thread.

Why did you subscribe ? What’s the use of it ?

I was checking the expert advisor’s trade calls and thought I could try some calls…

Oh. How was the success rate ? How was your experience ?

Or they always change the price / manipulate when it goes against them ?

That’s what a person who gives call/tip will do, they will never accept the fact that a trade went against them and they will proudly boast forever that one of their trade was successful. This is the mind set of most common people who do this.

It’s better to do your own research than depend on these people.

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