Sensibull fno backtesting

thanks for the clarifications.

hi team
here are some suggestion for improvements in ‘option simulator’

  1. please highlight the current atm strikes, else need to move up/down the page scrolling which takes time and is stupid.

  2. it appears every button click hangs to complete transaction with server. If I have a chain and 2-4 entrees, it delays the process and also data overhead is more.
    why dont you provide a checkbox on either side of option chain(instead of button) and an empty box to fill the lots. Provide a submit button which puts everything in context. Then when you submit all data goes at once. and its less painful for the user
    I dont understand why the tool designers dont take easier interfaces (none of the option chain providers have this, even @Sensibull’s interface is really clumsy, they can relook at their design of option chain display and functioning)
    Looks like, even if one has a car with good engine/chassis, the body is like ambassador, bulky and failing the purpose.

  3. if there is no option to ‘export excel’ or ‘save strategies’ of backtest simulations, please add that. else its very inconvenient to analyze(taking screenshots is a no-no)

Have just started peeking into the offerings.
may be these are already under works or implementation bottlenecks from the dev tools used??
Will suggest more if I can think of and if they are deemed valid/useful.

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