Sensibull is not optimized for mobile


Hi devs,
Whenever I open option chain from kite mobile app, it sometime takes forever to load (almost 5-8 sec). My broadband connection is 40Mbps (Airtel) and I also tried on 4G connection and has good mobile with snapdragon 660.
So, please optimised it when view from kite mobile app. It’s a very useful app.




Hi Ashish,

Sorry about this experience. We recently underwent an optimization for Option Chain. Let me see how we can make it faster. Are you on Kite 3?


Yes, I’m using kite 3. The problem doesn’t occur every-time. It may be due to data fetching, because the moment I click on option chain button of any instrument, the WebView loaded instantly, but the option chain data atleast take 4-5 sec or sometime takes more, while however on desktop, sensibull website load almost instantly with data.