Sensibull Mobile App

Hey guys,
Have been using sensibull for sometime now. What bumps is that there is no mobile app. It has been more than 1.5 year that you are with zerodha and others. Please develop a mobile app it’s useful for small time traders like me who trade along with other work commitments


@Sensibull Can you.

Sometime back I read in a newspaper article about mobile trading, Nithin Kamat had said 60% of the orders come from Mobile for zerodha. It was hard for me to believe it then. Now I dont remember if I read it properly :slight_smile: If true then a mobile app is very necessary. We can analyse stocks even while travelling.

It’s true I do most of my study while on my mobile only. I was introduced to zerodha by a friend only who also traded via mobile. What attracted me was ease to use app and no fuzzy software kite. Yes charges were important part. But now I haven’t gone to anyone else even where brokerage was lower than zerodha as they kept on inventing or tying for new kind of products. Data provided on sensibull is good but if same can be added in a mobile app nothing like it otherwise will have to shift to some apps like quantsapp or marketpulse etc

I checked with them and it is on top in their list things to do.