Sensibull no loss trade

Yesterday I was just trying out sensibulll and found a trade where the maximum loss was a positive number. Basically you can’t lose any money on that trade. I was confused . I don’t know anything about f&o. so thought it is better to ask here out. I attached screenshot of the sensibulll . Sadly as a new user i can’t upload more than one image so here in this screenshot 5235(positive gain) is the max loss

here is the second screenshot

How is the price of 2780 CE 19 rs? On sensibull it is showing 1.25

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Hi There ,

In general 2700 CE price should be high when compared to 2780 CE but because of illiquidity some option prices are manipulated by big players like what ur seeing.

thinking it is real Payoff graph and if u want to enter u never able to enter 2780 CE at the price what ur seeing because of liquidity issue see below image

the option price is not changing since many days.

I suggest u to never enter such kind of options because u can’t enter at your desired price and can’t exit at when u want to come out.

Please play with High Liquid Option stocks ( High Volume)

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