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Hi Abid, this single stock options looks very neat. Any idea, from when you will add remaining stocks?

Also, will it be possible to show warning in case of stocks requiring Physical Delivery as well?


We are looking at liquidity and slowly taking this forward

Yes, we are working on that. But stay away from those, please? :slight_smile:


@Sensibull Thanks Abid. Can you also take a look at my eralier query of Soring option by Maximum Loss or Risk Reward Ratio?


We are revamping the main screen. Was waiting for a few big features to go.

You will see it soon


dear Abid ,

I just subscribed for Sensibull and i should say i am a little disappointed. The Key feature that i expecting was - use SD to calculate Probability of Profit for a specific position. is that coming anytime soon?


Sorry Mr. Abid. Its not like you are responsible for the trade. Show us what the SD is. and as per SD we can decide if that would work or not. It can be wrong , but you are not responsible for the stock moving past 2 SD or 3SD. that information is Vital. Without that Sensibull does not make sense. I


Is it possible to add manual position in mystrategies ?


This is extremely trivial to implement.

We stayed away from it for so long because of the misuse. But I am guessing builder is a good place for this as most people who use builder know their stuff

One question. Do you want the historical SD of the last one year, or the forward looking SD as implied by IV?


No worries. This will come in builder


Thanks for the input. As of now, we cannot. We will add that soon


Thanks Abid. Will wait for the feature.



One question unanswered :slight_smile:
Could you please clarify if you want the historical SD or the forward looking SD from the IV?


@Sensibull Hi Abid, instead of showing LTP in Strategies against each leg, will it be possible to show Offer Price for Buy leg and Bid Price for Sell leg of transaction? This way, strategies can reflect more realistic price points at that given point with more accurate forecasts and will have more probability of trade execution?

That will also ensure, you don’t have to worry about liquidity much.


Hello, we are working on real time prices and bid offer ladder. This should go live before October mid.


Thanks Abid. Apologies for the late reply… I was expecting the forward looking SD from the IV… something that will keep changing on daily basis based on IV…



Hey thats totally okay. Will do the implied SD


Hey, it’s mid october, you had quoted someone here, hope you don’t go that person’s way and deliver on real time quotes by mid october. @Sensibull


@Sensibull still waiting for receipts.


Hey @PS7 we hit some delays in engineering because one of the tools we use turned out a bad choice. Celery, open source asynchronous task queue.

This took a +2 week hit on all our work. Plus there were unforeseen things in the real time pricing itself which is going to delay it. We are terribly sorry to say that the release will be delayed by another 2 weeks. Our engineering now estimates this on October 30th, but I’ll play it safe and say November mid. Things have a tendency to blow up when we are in uncharted waters.

I know the engineering delay is our problem, but thought I’ll be a 100% transparent on what is happening.

As for the receipts, please send me your Kite ID, and State of residence according to Zerodha records. I will send you the receipts to your email


Hey Abid, can this be done? i.e. Bid/Ask price in strategies instead of LTP. for individual stocks, LTP is becoming a problem as there are no buyer/seller on other side most of the time. Also Payoff diagrams are not giving correct picture as LTP might be way off than actual available price. I had to twice roll back trades as only 1 leg got executed due to this mismatch. e.g. LICHSGFIN 380 CE was showing LTP of 46, wherein bid was available around 33, this makes strategy completely worthless as everything becomes void. Also you don’t allow to edit LTP so we can’t even build strategy using available price points. THis is problem even for CTM strikes and giving real time price may not solve, unless it is Bid/Ask price.