Sensibull upgrades

@nithin @Abid_Hassan @siva hey, you guys have done great with introducing sensibull to us, but it would be more features like iv rank/percentile, expected move for unit time based on st deviation, theta to vega ratio and other advanced metrics that slightly sophisticated traders would need. I understand you are trying to keep your platforms as simple as possible but considering you have kite which is a very easy to use, you might bring in other more complicated things in sensibull. And if this could be done as soon as possible then it would reaally help and save a lot of time for us traders who switch between excel and the platform multiple times. :):smile::smile:

Hi @Aditya_Bhat,
We have been working a a new interface and a couple of features all of last two weeks. Once that comes out we start picking up the items in feature request queue, the top ranking of them includes IV rank and percentile. Please give us some time, we are just four people, and just three of us are engineers :slight_smile:

But rest assured, we will put every feature which will help a trader make money.

Not sure if you have seen this, but do check out our option chain in case you haven’t

Thanks for your post, and telling us what our users need! Please feel free to post here / write to me at [email protected] in case you have any questions/ feature requests/ feedback

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@Abid_Hassan thanks, yeah i have seen your sensibull platform which is great, lacking some more features but im sure you guys are working on it, one more request would be to add 4 hr charts, it would be nice, maybe in your next update, which im eagerly waiting for :v::v: :grinning:

Hi @Aditya_Bhat

All our charts come throught Kite. If it is in Kite, you can get it on us. Charting libraries are complex things, and most of them involve data licenses which startups cannot afford.

As for your other features, please drop me a mail/ write here on what other features you will need. We will pick it up in due time. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, my friend :slight_smile:

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@Abid_Hassan yea i will let you know, cheers :v::v:

@Aditya_Bhat Thanks mate!

@Abid_Hassan @siva @nithin i’m just giving a requirement checklist to you according to my need:

  1. There are only 3 fibonacci retracement ratios in the tool or correct me if im wrong if there is another way to access those levels.

  2. If there would be a 10 day average volume line synced with the volume bars it would be really helpful and we would not have to eyeball the volume bars all the time.

  3. A stock co relation tool like a stock corelation for the most month with nifty or the nifty’s corelation with international indexes like spy, ftse, nikkei etc.

For today this is what i needed, if i come across some other essentials i won’t mind poking you’ll with replies :smile:

I don’t know if this comes under what i need to ask but i think you guys need some more employees to code :see_no_evil:

@Som_E @trader_dude @aksinghv @anand3174 @Shailesh_B_Shah @iSTFF Guys tag some brainy traders in this discussion so that we guys can convey our needs with the zerodha team…

Hi @Aditya_Bhat

These are all for Zerodha. Since we are only doing options, this is out of our scope. I will tag @nithin and @siva for this. If you have anything option specific, I’ll be happy to help.

PS: 4 coders is Sensibull. Zerodha has an army of coders :slight_smile:

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@Abid_Hassan oh well sensibull is a part of zerodha right, can’t they help you guys out? it’l be much faster and should grow zerodha’s business right? with these things more and more retailers will be encouraged to learn about pro f&o trading. This may also avoid the whole sebi restricting retailers mess… @nithin come on man you gotta reply to this, somebody’s gotta do it first, this will put you guys leagues ahead of others… @Abid_Hassan if you can please take this to nithin. It’ll be of great help

@Abid_Hassan if you can, could you create a line on trading qna with all the moderators in it, so that you’ll know exactly what we need?

  1. You have more than 3

  1. First add volume to your chart

    And then add moving average and chose period and under field chose volume. So yeah if period is 10 and you are looking at a daily chart, it is 10 day average line. IF you are looking at 1 hour chart, keep that period as 60 (60 hours = 10 days) and you get similar.

  1. We don’t have datafeed for international indices. So not possible for now. But there is a comparison tool to compare two or more scrips . Check this

@nithin thanks, but please work on sensibull :pray:t3:, for quantitative analysis we absolutely need a full fleged quantitative analysis platform like sensibull. Would be delighted to see a quantitative research platform in india in some time soon. Request :v:t3::v:t3:

Hi @Abid_Hassan,
Pardon me for being stupid, but I can’t figure out much about sensibull !!!
There are 2 tabs - Strategies, Analyser ( if Trades and blog tabs left aside).

Options Str. tab has fill in options - 1st one being Stock, and on clicking you get indices - N & BN.
2nd blank space ask our view - above, below etc.
3rd space ask for “Nifty Target” - which I assume is related to earlier view option like not above 10700
And finally when you click GO. It shows you 20, 30 trades which are basically very simple 1 leg “Buy/Cell CE or PE” of various strikes.
Also when I checked Not Above & Below options gives same trade suggestions.

I couldn’t find any multi leg strategies here.

Also the Analyser tab do not analyse multi leg trade but just gives info on 2 suggested option trades on any single strike price.

I couldn’t find any thing as compared to free options strategy builders out there.

I am very novice in options trading. Am I missing anything here?
Basically I couldn’t get how to and what to use in sensibull.
Plz help.

This is just initial release, multi leg will be included in coming versions, anyhow you can give your suggestions and feedback @Abid_Hassan.
Along with those I believe you can see option chain, option greeks, effect of each greek on option premium in terms of rupees, event calendar, compare trades etc.

Generally one is looking for value additions and not redundancies.
I seriously thought that I might be missing something here, hence asked.
Otherwise we already have experiences with various next gen products form zerodha.

Hi @maddy_Des

Thanks for the question. You bring up a valid point that we are not doing complex things yet, to which I can only say Rome was not built in a day :slight_smile: or six months, for that reason.

What we are trying to solve in V1 release is this.
Given you have a market view, what should be the options/ strategies you trade. In solving this problem, we solve single leg first, and then multileg strategies - you will see the multileg soon. The way we looked at it, the best single leg option to trade is a non trivial solution, and not many people who are not power users know how to do it. So we thought we will solve for them first.

Not above and below will give you the same suggestion. So:
**What is the difference between Above and Not Below **
What is the difference between Below and Not Above

Short Answer - No difference.
When you say above - you will say it for a bullish view.
Example, market is at 10500. It is going to go up and break 10900. So our mental model is “market will go above 10900”.
Even if you give market not below 10900, it will give the same result. But we tend to think “above 10900” and we don’t think “not below 10900” in this scenario

Not Below: This is more for a non-bearish view. Example, market is at 10500, there is a support at 10000. our mental model is “market will not go below 10000”.
Even if you give market above 10000, it will give the same result. But we tend to think “not below 10000” and we don’t think “above 10000” in this scenario

Analyser Tab does not analyse multileg. Agreed. It is will ported to the multileg soon.

Let’s do this. We will launch the features you want - multileg, analysis on multileg etc in the not so distant future and come back.


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I only hope that Sensibull won’t go towards the same path as other Zerodha products/initiatives.
But I think you (and Zerodha) in general need to speed up the things on existing projects.
That things apart Sir. Here is what I want form Sensibull in near future.

Now I would like if Sensibull can help me out with this with most suitable solutions with proper explanation.

Really @Abid_Hassan what a Tool sir @option stategies may be the multibagger :smiley::smiley:

Thanks @bhaveshbigb , we’re adding more stuff. Please let me know if you have feature requests