Sensibull upgrades

Sir, If possible include same option strategy maker as available with
To fire real time order

We will try and do better @manny_the_mammoth

Promise :slight_smile:

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Hi @manny_the_mammoth

Did you try Risk - Strategize Your Trades ? I think I have nailed your mammoth problem :wink: of planning/execution - neatly integrated with Zerodha. The whole idea of strategising your trades is to do risk analysis before you are placing a trade and not a second later.

So a typical flow in the app looks like the following -

  1. Pick a strategy bull call spread. Select stock and prices are autofilled.

  2. The strategy goes through a general validation ensuring you are doing bull call spread only.

  3. You can see your pay off graphs and exit points.

  4. Once comfortable, you can place trade with a click of a button for it is seamlessly integrated for Zerodha execution.

It has other crisp features like calculating option greeks across option chain in real time and maxpain in real time -

Please do explore. Hope you like it.

@Abid_Hassan - Just trying to help a fellow trader @manny_the_mammoth . Hope you don’t mind discussing it in this chain.

@nithin, @siva would love to know your views … The whole idea is having risk management at the centre - which i have experienced personally as the only way to make consistent money in the longer run.

Will start a separate chain to highlight Risk features.


Will give it a go sir,
I don’t use pre-made strategies, instead i have created a strategy of my own, hope it will allow us create our own strategy, deploy it, risk analysis, payoff graph.

Sure … under Strategize > Use Basket Order > And make your own! > It will allow risk analysis/payoff graphs

That’s cool, does it allow to check option greek for whole strategy
One more thing, can we combine futures and options together (multiple leg)?

Yes … you can have as many legs under Basket … and it should show payoff … point me if I am wrong …

Will definitely give it a try sir :slightly_smiling_face:

Concept is great, but design/UI is poor,kindly look into it

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Thanks manny. We will look into it … :slight_smile:
Appreciate your feedback …