Sensibull Verified P&L is LIVE

Thanks @Sensibull

Let’s start publishing our positional F&O P&L positions and start the trend to scare fintwit :smiley:

This is mine today - Sensibull


Can i know what is the strategy that you have deployed above in options called?

Same should be made for Console > Tax PnL :smiley: and other reports

How about ability to share P&L by date range like in Console ? Or just stuff like past 1 week, past 1 month.

It’s a ratio spread.

Check - Ratio Spread: What are Front Ratio Puts and Calls? | tastytrade?

I have both side ratio spreads open for the week and monthly.

the payoff will look something like this on expiry (I call it batman spread) ^-^

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Thank you Sir Jash, will read more on these.

Good name i like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sensibull has added a new readymade netural strategy with the same name. :rofl: :rofl:

Did you get royalty or not?
I like these names batman, jade lizard, reverse jade lizard.
Just because of these name i now want to learn and trade options.