Sentinel advance alert in time bound

Please help me out in writing the code for alert as trigger - when last traded price is > by low price *1.04 & with in time bound of 1-2 days.
LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:ACC’) > LowPrice(‘NSE:ACC’) *1.04 && Day() ==2
LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:ACC’) > LowPrice(‘NSE:ACC’) *1.04 && Day() ==1-2


The below-given condition might be helpful.

LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:RELIANCE’) >= LowPrice(‘NSE:RELIANCE’) *1.04 && Timestamp() <= DateString(‘2020-08-03’)

The date need to be entered manually on the date string function.

Day() condition indicates the “Current day of the month”.

This is not working as it take refresh current day price for alert.
Actually I want some thing weekly high or weekly low alert.
Thank U.

Weekly High/low function is not available on sentinel.

Does weekly High & Low Alerts are possible in streak scanners, does streak scanners gives sound alert?
Thank You.

@Streak, can you.

You can create a condition for weekly High/Low in Streak.

Yes, you will have to set an alert interval for this. The scan will be run at the mentioned interval and you will receive alerts accordingly.

Thanks for u r reply.
Thank U.