Sentinel advance alert

Hello, Please give me an example how to write alert for Last traded price is less by 3% from High price of the day. As I m writing this LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’) < 3% HighPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’) & another separate alert as LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’) < .3% HighPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’) sentinel is taking both the alerts as though < .3% is already met the condition. Please guide me in this as simply want to put alert LTP is 3% less from the current day HP of the particular stock. I like to know is Sentinel can calculate Price by percent from CMP, OP, HP, LP, CP. Thank U.

why dont you try this: LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’) < ( HighPrice(‘NSE:ASHOKLEY’)*0.03)

i never verified above condition but based on my programming knowledge i am suggesting you

Thanks, I will try this.

Its working but need slight correction instead of *0.03 it should be *0.97 (for 3% down).
Thank You.