Sentinel Advance trigger alert placement


Anyone help me out if i can place an alert on difference of two futures…lets says i want a trigger when the difference of two fut is 5(or some value). Like LTP of niftyoctfut - LTP of niftynovfut = 20. Is it possible in Advance trigger,if yes please help me placin it?


(LastTradedPrice(‘NFO:NIFTY18NOVFUT’) - LastTradedPrice(‘NFO:NIFTY18OCTFUT’)) == 20

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Thank you for reply. But when I try to create an trigger it says “invalid syntax in trigger expression”


Can you please try again with the modified 2 equals condition?

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Thank you sir. It’s done.

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Hello Friends,

Can you please help me understand what is wrong with the following Sentinel alert coding

(Hour() >= 10) && ((LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’) <= (LowPrice(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’) * 1.001)) || (LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’) >= (HighPrice(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’) * 0.999))) && (LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’)*LastTradedQuantity(‘NSE:JSWSTEEL’) >= 100000)

Basically, I want to get the alert after 10am and few seconds before Low Price or High Price is reached.