Sentinel basket order

Is there any way SL and tgt can be auto created in basket by using a certain % distance from entry or executed price?

Say, a condition is triggered or I want to execute the basket. The basket contains 2 BUY orders of stock A and stock B to be executed at market price.

Say, when I execute the basket, I want it to automatically place a tgt order at 2% from entry and a stop loss order at 1% from entry.

Yes, I know streak is there but it’s rather complex for me.

Sentinel is simpler and works for simpler conditions. So is there any way these order feature can be added to Sentinel @siva

This is possible.

After execution of basket one need to create a condition and link the basket to that, maybe you can check GTT once. This is easier with GTT but just you will be individually creating on two scrips for once, after completion of that one can create both target and stop loss at once. Check GTT for more.

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