Sentinel time based order deploy

Can Sentinel deploy a time base order on a basket?

Say,i want to long 4 scripts, at 9:45:00, with a 1% sl from entry and 3% tgt.

Can a time based condition be created, so I can deploy the basket at the given time? I have no pre conditions such as open is higher than etc, or any indicator crossover.

I just need to deploy the basket at a certain time.

yes, you can create sentinel alert based on timestamp. User can link their basket of scripts with this condition. so that the user will be notified once the time condition is met.

LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:INFY’) > 0 && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2020-03-05 09:45:00’)

i want to long 4 scripts, at 9:45:00, with a 1% sl from entry and 3% tgt.

Whichever order is included in the basket, those will be placed on manual intervention.

What am I doing wrong?
I copied and paste your condition but it won’t deploy?

Please help. Thanks do mch

But I guess this ll jst link to the basket, but how to keep auto SL and tgt. My logic is it deploys at certain time, I activate the basket, at market price.
Then how to activate the 1%sl n say 3% tgt?

Do I need to go to streak

Use GTT, place one order manually at the time you want using GTT, target and stoploss along with that.

Yes, GTT if I assume works only with CNC. I am looking for an intraday strategy.

Can I create in streak, as streak seems to have an exit condition, in % for MIS positions?

@Streak Can you.

Yes you can create a strategy based on time and mention a TP and SL% in Streak