set the price till which the Market Price Buy should go

If I would like to Buy Large qty from Market Price, Can I set the price till which the Market Price Buy should go. For Example if I want to buy 10000 Shares of Reliance from Market price (LTP: 915), Can I set the order to stop buying at say 917 (So all offer qty till 917 are taken).


Dear Abhay
Good evening
U can buy any number of stocks with prevailing market price and set sale value to required difference of value
Which amounts to 95 lacs
Don’t take such big risk always u should go with stop loss tiger price also
With 1% and profit of 2% to avoid huge losses
Some times the price volatility is too much , are u new to trading , pls see some u tube videos Reg zerodha kite applications will stillunderstand in a better way
Happy trading


The option is to place a Limit buy order @₹917, since you are trying to buy at higher than CMP using the limit order it will act as a market order till the price moves up to 917, once it goes above 917, the rest of the unfilled quantity will remain pending.



Perfect, thats the solution i was looking for, thanks for the help.