Setting Two Moving Averages on the PI Chart

I want to set 50 SMA and 8 SMA overlays on the Chart as a standard indicator, how do I do this setting ? I donot want to select the indicator regularly for each chart. Please advise.

Okay, Here we Go…

Open Chart

1.Click on Studies.
2.From studies Select "Moving Averages"
3.You will see pop up screen of Moving averages on screen.
3.1. In Period fill 50
3.2.Click on “Done”

4.Repeat Steps 1,2,3 Now
4.1. In Period fill 8
4.2. Click on “Done”

(By default Moving averages are “Simple”)
(You can also change the color of Lines )

Note:- Now, I see Pi. I don’t use pi brother.


After added the two SMA’s right click on chart and choose “Save chart as Template” and give it a name.

Go to view - user settings - chart - tick the default template and choose the template which you saved earlier and click Apply.

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Thanks you so much, it solved my problem

This is for me…thanks