Setting up adx histogram based alerts

Can a senior person from Zerodha provide a tradescript code for setting up adx histogram based alerts in Pi?

adx histogram can only be seen in Kite charts though.

For eg when the histogram in ADX (5) crosses 40 it should give a Sell alert.

If the response is from AlgoGeek then I would request him to give me a proper working code.

If Nithin is reading these blogs, I would request him to kindly assign a good developer to respond as I see that several queries related to code are left unanswered or incorrectly unanswered.

Thanks a lot.

hElLO tRaDeR,

This SELL SCRIPT closely matches your ADX histogram condition.

DIP(5) > DIN(5) AND ADX(5) > 40

On the indicator you mentioned, the Histogram BARS turn green when the 

1) DI+ is above the DI- (condition 1)

2) The histogram bar hits 40 as the ADX crosses 40. (condition 2)


1) This code when used as a SELL SCRIPT of the backtest engine, does not find trades, when used as a BUY SCRIPT of the backtest engine identifies trades. This could be a bug in the backtest engine.

2) The code works fine with the Pi Scanner and generates alerts

Let me know the results.