Settlement holiday problem

Sir,. I received SMS about today’s settlement holiday.
I request you kindly intimate the same before 9.00 am or one day prior, which is helpful to us.

Thank you.

They put up all important updates on the Bulletin, well in time. I guess they also send a Kite message in the morning and if you received an SMS, then yes SMS as well.

Do keep a track of the bulletin as well.

Thanks Srinivas.

I have not read the bulletin. SMS received by 9 45 am. Before that, I have sold M&M fin 100 shares I bought yesterday with 700 profit. After seeing the SMS, I bought the stock with RS.600 loss, as the stock has crossed it’s earlier high.

Hence, I asked. But the mistake is mine, I admit. I should have see the calendar. I am using NSE NOW. In that platform, there is no popups.

Now onwards, I will be careful.

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Hey @Bhuvan If its possible to snyc Bulletin to Trading Qna it will be very helpful to get all Announcement here.

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Thanks Lets_Invest for your valued suggestion.